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Sarah IsraEL
CEO Makers


Peace. Welcome to my Soul Purpose Website. My Nmae is Sarah LocDr Israel. Team Leader of Team Elite Royalty I am The Owner & Master Loctician at Natures Outer Beauty Salon, Ceo and Creatress of HalleluYAH Fest and Ceo Qualified Senior Executive Marketing Director, with Soul Purpose.

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company is the opportunity to truly discover your own self brand, and re-Create yourself to be better than you ever thought possible. To have the opportunity to build a real business and potentially leave a legacy for your family is amazing! To earn additional income to create multiple streams of prosperity, while keeping the Soul Purpose company business structure, values, and brand. Many network marketing and direct sales companies understand this simple model to make everyday people, into STARS! Soul Purpose is a fairly new company and there is great opportunity for significant business growth. The product offering is second to none in the industry when it comes to affordability in relation to quality. Spa quality therapeutic botanical based products that are worth it! The strategic partnership with Youngevity expands the offerings and opportunities and bonuses that allows you as an entrepreneurs to build customize wellness programs for individuals, groups, and more. Soul Purpose provides a B2B & B2C (business to Business/consumer model). The opportunities to pitch value added services by using affordable spa quality products creates a market edge and an area of large growth for Soul Purpose on our Global Expansion Plan. Our Soul Purpose's Entrepreneurial & Wellness Certification programs provide you with real skills that add value to your price offerings & how marketable you are. Also, we recommend the Wellness Certification program to all consultants, to be recognized within the wellness industry as Certified. The levels of benefiting are great as well. With the first goal of being well by properly nourishing your skin and your body, a customer to a distributor may get their products at a 25%-30% discount. Then, one may establish a Soul Purpose business as low as $35. The most strategic offering is their $499 CEO Pack which provides an entrepreneur with a representation of the entire line, media, catalogs, and training. Founder / CEO Nadine Thompson (who has been written up in network marketing journals, Essence, Black Enterprise, product reviews in Aromatherapy Times, O, and many other publications) is a genius in aligning her business acumen with her empathy for minority women desiring a real opportunity based on affordable yet high quality products. Her understanding and respect of community allows Soul Purpose Entrepreneurs and Distributors access to unique opportunities that people within their communities are able to relate to such as a strategic alliance with Hidden Beach Records. if done correctly you will also have a great chance at longevity with Soul Purpose Youngevity, stock options, and revenue sharing pool. My main measurement of a business opportunity is does it build real residual and multiple revenue streams. The Answer is "YES"!! We want you to work smarter & the best way to do that is to come in correctly $35 Enrollment $499 CEO pack plus shipping & Tax. My Friend, When you do the Soul Purpose business correctly, you will also radiate youthful healthy beauty from the inside out! We look forward to working with you, Welcome to the TEAM!

What is your Higher Calling and Purpose?