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Sarah IsraEL
CEO Makers

Our Vision

As a socially responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose redefines empowerment by supporting individual purpose and vision through the marketing of natural, quality products that illuminate body, beauty, style and spirit.

Soul Purpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources that empower people, especially African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women. The company does this by developing and marketing highly differentiated, natural, botanically-based beauty and wellness products marketed through the direct selling business model. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable, socially responsible businesses that generate wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize diverse communities throughout the world.

Soul Purpose was founded on a core belief: that every individual is blessed with a specific purpose in life and once that purpose is identified, life can take on extraordinary dimensions. We invite you to share your Soul Purpose with us, and the World!  What is your Soul Purpose?

The Soul Purpose Story

Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company was founded in 2007 as a socially responsible and sustainable direct selling company with a mission of creating empowering business opportunities primarily for women of color.


Natural Products

At Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, we believe products should be "good" from the first ingredient to the last.  That means, as a customer, never having to worry about putting anything harmful on your skin or in your hair.


Our Team

Nadine Thompson regrouped and put together what is shaping up to be one of the finest direct selling companies. She is a modern Madam C.J. Walker." - Direct Selling Live, POWER 50