During my 25 years in social services I often encountered women that were not very different from myself, except for their life choices.  Usually these choices differed from mine both educationally and socially.  The lives of these women and their families had been affected by their choices in a dramatic fashion.  My attempts to promote positive change in their lives were often limited within the confines of the public welfare system where there were many challenges with varied success.  I retired vowing to never return to "the people business".  Due to a family obligation I attended a spa party featuring Soul Purpose.  I fell in love with the products but I most love the business opportunity.  What better way to promote positive change in the lives of women and their families than to introduce them to a home based business featuring natural self care products?  The possibilities are limitless.  Join me in my Soul Purpose adventure because I'm back "in the people business" in the most positive way!
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