Gifts with a Purpose

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
             –Maya Angelou

The Soul Purpose “Gifts with a Purpose” collection is a beautiful assortment of gift sets, boxes and packages that incorporates our entire product line and is themed around the ideas of wellness, pampering and self-care.  They are priced for every budget and are perfect for an assortment of occasions and celebrations for everyone on your “you are special to me” list.

At Soul Purpose we understand how important it is for everyone to feel loved, pampered and nurtured—life is far too short and unpredictable for each of us not to be blessed with a touch of compassion, gratitude, friendship and love now and then. And we truly believe that Maya Angelou’s words should be taken to heart—giving really can liberate your soul!  We invite you to take a look at our gift guide and consult with your Soul Purpose Entrepreneur to find the perfect gift selection for those in your life whom you know would appreciate some delightful “soul nurturing.” 

We also encourage you to check out our new “Gifts with a Purpose” auto-ship program—the perfect way to make pampering an ongoing occasion!  For just $50 a month, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a beautiful monthly gift from Soul Purpose.  Just imagine receiving the gift of wellness and beauty every month of the year—or giving this gift to someone you cherish.  This unique program provides you with a different assortment of themed products each month, plus you also enjoy the added bonus of no shipping or handling charges!  Talk to your Soul Purpose Entrepreneur today about how you can take advantage of this wonderful program that offers true pampering with a purpose.

Our goal at Soul Purpose is to bring you the best the world has to offer—to give you products that will allow you to live each day with joy and gratitude.

Here’s to your continued happiness and well-being,

Nadine Thompson
Founder, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company

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