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Deidra Puller

Lifestyle Parties

Host a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Party and your guests will experience new ways to illuminate their body, beauty, style, and spirit while also discovering an attitude of prosperity and well-being that will help them make remarkable changes in their lives and communities.

Creating a beautiful lifestyle experience is the core goal of the party. As your guests enter the party, they will instantly inhale the intoxicating aroma of one of our soy candles. Perhaps your Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur will feature Brazilian Jackfruit or another of our intoxicatingly beautiful fragrances. The room will be gently lit - easy on the eyes and soothing to the soul. You will offer your guests a cup of delicious herbal tea lightly sweetened with organic honey. For your guests, soft music instantly calms as the day's tensions begin to melt away. Everyone is transformed by this beautiful lifestyle experience.

Elegantly displayed in the room will be a collection of our luxurious products. Your Entrepreneur will demonstrate the products and pamper your guests with scents and formulas that will quickly transport them on an exotic journey of the senses. Your guests will learn about all that Soul Purpose has created to help inspire their lives. Yes, your entire being and those of your guests will be illuminated - body, beauty, style and spirit! Who knew it could be such a fantastic experience.