My name is Carla Jervey and I absolutely love Soul Purpose products, all of them!  The Ghanian Brown Sugar Scrub and Shea Butter Balm really does it for me.  It takes care of every dry spot on my body from my head to my toes.  I love using the products on my husband as well.  Try out the soy candles and you will see just what I mean! 

I have problem skin but Soul Purpose products are natural and gentle enough to use on my skin every day.

My scent has been the center of many discussions in a good way.   Wear any of the Soul purpose scented shea butters and you too will become the topic of discussion. " What are you wearing?  It smells fantastic!"

 Soul Purpose shea butter balms, lotions, scrubs and perfume essence(s) will make you happy too!  

On a professional level, it's the perfect side business.  I do things according to my schedule and the business is customized to meet my needs.   I enjoy that the most!  It teaches my daughters how to succeed personally as well.  My husband is crazy about the scents I wear and he enjoys some of the scents for himself.   I enjoy when he wears Hollywood Fresh, Austrailian Sandalwood  or Haitian Vetivert. 

There are many benefits to this business as you will soon learn.  Get started today!  $35 is not alot when you see all the benefits that are in store for you.   Contact me directly and we can discuss how it works for me.  It can work for you too!

Schedule a Soul Purpose Introduction Party with no obligation.  I promise I won't harrass you.  I just want to introduce you and your friends to a great product and wonderful opportunity.  Or schedule a one on one session with me just to introduce you to the product at no cost.   I promise it won't take much of your time. 

Look for me on FACEBOOK.   www.facebook/carlajervey

Thanks in advance and please view the catalog.  I'd love to know what you think of the our many selections!

Carla Jervey

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