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Happy, Pretty, Sexy Feet for the summer!
Show off your healthy, happy feet this summer with our simple 4 step-at-home pedicure. Soak, polish, deodorize and moisturize. Everything you need to pamper your hard working feet, infused with essential oils of lavender, green tea and peppermint.

We are excited to announce our new line of CBD Essentials Lifestyle Products.

Don't believe the hype; the sun is our friend! It is a natural source of vitamin D which we need to stay healthy and happy. Get yourself a healthy dose of vitamin D and then add a little more with our moisturizing and nourishing body butters, custards or body lotions. Get your "glow" on!

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Chocolate Scented Body Butter

Item #SP337

Who’s it for: Anyone who enjoys skincare and loves chocolate scents. What it does: Provides you with shea butter and essential oils to keep your skin moisturized. What sets this product apart? It’s a creamy blend of cocoa, shea and other moisturizing butters blended with essential oils and a creamy milk chocolate fragrance to keep your skin nourished.

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